About author / EmileCosta

About me

Under the pseudonym Emile Costa write two people. 

I usually speak about myself in the singular. In the use of the word “we”, for some reason, people see megalomania.

About literature
As a creative unit, I was born in February 2017. That day, the future co-authors were more determined than ever. Trembling hands shot up above the keyboard, and the first lines appeared on the screen: “A traveler in a black raincoat was walking along a muddy road among the mountains. He coughed and swearing. The weather was to match the mood — a shit …” Alas, my drafts still look no better, but careful reading and editing saved many good authors.
About life
Actually existing co-authors - Ksenia and Konstantin - were born in the Far East in the mid 80s. They live in Serbia with their daughter. Knows four languages and loved wine and cats. Ksenia is a philologist by education, Konstantin is a historian. Professional experience is the most diverse: from the system administrator to the operator of the portal crane.
About goals
I am a longtime and loyal fan of Agatha Christie. She - the master of the genre, and a worthy example to follow. While I'm just learning, but I do everything to reach the level of the queen of the detective, both in quantity and quality of written books.

Good reading!